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holiday 3 pack $75.00

2017 Chardonnay 2016 pinot noir 2017 Gamay noir




holiday 3 pack $95.00

2017 willamette valley white wine 2016 johan pinot noir 2017 willamette valley red wine



holiday 3 pack $135.00

2015 johan pinot noir 2017 sauvignon blanc-chardonnay 2017 gamay pinot noir


Craft Wine Co is the home of Omero Cellars, Minimus Wines and Origin Wine Co.


Craft Wine Co is a concept, a drink tank, a place to voice our convictions and to ask the questions that need to be asked. We're on a mission to create wine with integrity and bring it to good people everywhere.

We keep it real. Raw. Simple. Crafted. Fresh.


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